Country-Style Pork Ribs

Just tried your rub and sauce. Loved it! Here you go: recipe for Country-Style Pork Ribs in OVEN (raining today here).
preheat oven to 325. pork stays at this temp for about 10 minutes.
use deep pan and cover with aluminum foil (tin foil for us old folks)
place ribs in pan, cover with Tim's Texas 2 Step Rub... on all sides.
cover tightly with foil...
after ten mintues, turn oven to 300 degrees.
leave for 1 and 1/2 hours ( or if you are playing dominoes and need to finish a turn, leave for 15 minutes more)
No Peeking. leave the the oven shut.

Take ribsd\ out and uncover foil carefully... STEAM!!!!
Check with fork... ours was already getting really tender, especially the pieces without bone.
Baste in own juices. (some people drain the extra fat out of pan at this time, but we didn't)

Baste with Tim's Texas 2 Step Sauce... ( we went light, but if you like more heat and more sweet, add more sauce).
Cover with foil again, and return to oven for 30 to 45 minutes.

The meat was so tender, it fell over the bone and was so DELICIOUS. Sauce, warn heat, not too over powering. Leaves wonderful after taste in mouth... (Served with boiled corn, green beans and applesauce) YUMMY. Thanks to TIM and JUDY's "Tims's Texas 2 Step Rub and BBQ Sauce". Can't wait to try on Grill... when it quits raining. Linda and Ron Greene