Subject: Your BBQ sauce is AWESOME.


Message: Hello Tim,
I was shopping at Central Market in Dallas, Royal Lane at Preston Rd, last week. You and your BBQ sauce caught my eye, as you were 'manning' a table giving out samples. I noticed the name of the sauce and asked you if you had " Texas3step" available. My attempt at humor fell flat as you quickly said you didn't. Oh well. After asking you if you had anything to do with the sauce you proudly pointed out that the Tims Texas 2 Step was yours and you were Tim. Just based on that I bought a bottle and have been using it daily on just about everything I make to eat, and that includes non meat/bbq products. I just caught myself opening up the refrig. and drinking directly out of the damn bottle. Tim, it IS that good. Just wanted to let you know what a happy and satisfied new customer I am. I'll be looking for and buying more as I'm down to my last ounce of sauce. Awesome product! Congratulations on a product very well done.
P.S. Please feel free to use any or all of this testimonial as I want others to experience your wonderful TimsTexas2Step BBQ Sauce.

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